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Amish Outdoor Furniture

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Amish Outdoor Furniture

In addition to fine indoor furniture, you'll find hundreds of Amish made outdoor furniture in our Outdoor Furniture section. Available in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors, we're confident that you'll find what you're looking for amongst our several collections.

Outdoor Furniture (Pine, Poly, Cyprus)


Generally speaking, most of our Amish made outdoor furniture is made of treated pine wood. Our pine is carefully selected for strength and durability. It is affordable and has been highly popular for decades. Increasingly, many of our customers are choosing polywood furniture over pine. Polywood furniture is made of recycled plastics, generally HDPE. It is ecologically friendly, incredibly long-lasting, and does not require refinishing. Several of our Amish woodworkers have embraced polywood as an alternative to pine. They apply the same expert craftsmanship, so the end product is handsomely crafted, highly durable, easy to maintain, and quite "green". We also offer a collection of cypress Amish outdoor furniture. Though not as popular as the pine, it is a handsome collection that provides you with an additional alternative.