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Story of Charleston Amish Furniture

Posted by Matt Troyer on

Matt and Beth Troyer are excited to open their second Amish Furniture in Charleston. They opened their first store, Foothills Amish Furniture, in Landrum, SC in 2005. 

Matt Troyer began life as a young Amish boy in Ohio, living without electricity or motor vehicle, but he dreamed of more. His childhood gave him ample material with which to develop a great work ethic and build his dreams. His father was a successful business man and entrepreneur who taught Matt the importance of looking ahead and striving for quality. “If you’re going to do something, do it right!” Matt worked for his dad’s masonry company for a couple years in his teens, teaching Matt the principle that persistence and hard work pays off!

At age 17, Matt left the Amish community and lifestyle with a pair of jeans, t-shirt and $20 to his name. He did mason work for others for the next 20 years. In his words, these were the “school of hard knocks.” Despite the hardship and difficulties of those times, Matt increased his skill set. When his Amish father began an Amish furniture retail store, Matt worked for him at times and took an interest in the craftsman mentality (taking pride in quality and detail). He married Beth, a Mennonite southern girl and moved to South Carolina and opened Foothills Amish Furniture.

These first years were full of incredible challenges: dealing with people issues and growing in understanding the retail world. Matt educated himself by reading and listening to CD’s to increase his skills in marketing, retail, sales, and business development. These were tough years but his wife Beth stuck by him and was a wonderful support; the two of them formed a great team with his vision and motivation and her attention to detail saving him from “going off a cliff”. To offset the financial strain of the struggling business, Matt supplemented his income by doing mason work on the side giving him a total work week of 70-80 hours! All the while Matt kept looking into the future “Someday we will have a successful retail store!” His advice to business owners derived from those years is “Persistence is the key my friends”.

Things began to look up as the business grew. Employees were added and property increased to 13,000 feet of beautiful showroom displaying a wide selection of American-made handcrafted Amish furniture. From owning the shirt on his back to now owning a multi-million-dollar business, his life is proof that “if you put God in the driver’s seat, great things happen!”

Matt and Beth along with their 3 sons Vincent, Dawson and Carson welcome anyone who is interested in solid wood, American, Amish made furniture to visit the store in West Ashley in Charleston SC. They have 30,000 square feet of quality hardwood furniture, as well as outdoor poly and wood furniture. They offer everything from bedroom and dining furniture, to pet diners to leather recliners. The highly-trained sales staff at Charleston Amish Furniture would love to help you design a room or a piece of furniture to reflect your personal style and need.