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Ultrapedic Memory Foam Mattress Set

Genuine Amish-Made Elite Elegance Mattresses

The Amish are known for being among the world's finest manufacturers in quality furniture. Now their excellent craftsmanship has extended into the world of mattresses. You are looking at an exceptional mattress; one that you can be sure will be made well to provide comfortable rest for years to come.


Two-Sided Design:  Using only high-quality components, this mattress is two-sided, so it can be flipped to use both sides for extra longevity.


Ultrapedic Mattress Set Specifications

  • HEIGHT: 10"
  • SUPPORT CORE: Foam Support Core Polyurethane 2.4 wt., 3" Indentation Load Deflection
  • PADDING: Gel Infused Memory Foam 4 lb., 3"
  • COVER: Polyurethane Foam 1.8 wt Quilted to 1/2" FR Rayon Fiber
  • HEIGHT: 10"
  • WARRANTY: 20 year (10 years prorated)



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