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Smith Brothers Heritage
“At Smith Brothers, we take great pride in our work.
We Believe that if we can build it right, every time, we will create furniture
that we can stand behind with total confidence. This philosophy
enables us to fill special orders with unmatched speed,
and back each product with the strongest warranty in the industry.”
Since 1926 Smith Brothers of Berne, Indiana have been producing exceptional furniture out of the same location as today. Their signature ability to provide American made furniture with a large, changing selection of fabrics at an affordable cost makes their products among the best. The cultural values of faith, hard work, integrity and honesty, and respect are not just nice ideas – they are ones which have “stayed with us”!  A family friendly culture has produced a work environment which fosters quality. Smith Brothers of Berne IN seeks to blend new methods while retaining the same values that set them apart.
Their passion is to make a product that the customer can buy, sell, and use with a sense of pride. The timeless quality of this handcrafted furniture is reflected in the absolute best seat foam available, kiln-dried wood reducing warping, and joints glued and screwed. Each item is made at the time of order, not mass-produced ahead of time. Fabric patterns are matched and flowing. This furniture is sound and study, made as strong as possible rather than cutting corners. The employees take great pride in what they do, reflected in their signature on the tag of the items they build.

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