Amish Furniture Finishes

Choose Any Stain or Paint Color

Fine craftsmanship and technical sophistication are at the heart of our custom finishing process. A full variety of choices allow for just the right matching of appearance and design fit for your Amish hardwood furniture. Our finishing capabilities on a full range of wood species results in nearly unlimited creative opportunities. Below you will find stain and paint samples for some of our most popular hardwood species. Need help deciding? Please don't hesitate to contact us and talk it over with a design specialist, or stop in our Landrum, SC showroom for stain and paint samples.

Amish Furniture Finishing Options

Premium Stains

Ohio Certified Stains (OCS) and Finish Works (FC) Stains

Any Paint Color

Bring a color sample from your preferred paint shop

Color Matching

Bring us an object and we'll closely match its color

Custom Colors

Mix two or more stains together to create a custom look

Hardwood Stain & Paint Colors

The following photos represent a sample of the many stains and paint colors that are available. Click on a stain photo to open it in a new window, making it easy to compare colors. Please note that variations in electronic displays and lighting conditions can cause colors shown to look different than they actually appear. Be sure to make your final stain selections from physical samples in our showroom for clarity.

All set with your finish color?

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