Almanzo Amish Reclaimed Wood Dining Collection - Foothills Amish Furniture

Almanzo Amish Reclaimed Wood Dining Collection

BY Urban Barnwood

This dining room set was crafted in order for you to enjoy meals with your entire family, creating new memories, or getting warm inside on a snowy evening. Its beautiful reclaimed barnwood grain would be gorgeous atop a hardwood floor or a comfortable rug. The chairs are reminiscent of the rocking chairs your grandmother had on her front porch as a child, and this isn’t the kind of furniture that people are afraid to touch or sit on. There’s an H-footed bench so that everyone is welcome, as well as a buffet to store all of those extra settings and napkins.

There’s even a wine server available to serve your loved ones on your most special occasions to create your most prized memories around the hearth after you all take turns washing and drying the dishes. There are endless variations available to make sure that you get the pieces you need for everyone who has a place at your table.