Quiet Night Amish Mattress in Plush or Firm

Quiet Night Amish Mattress in Plush or Firm

BY Rainbow Bedding

This handcrafted single-sided innerspring mattress is padded on one side. The other side is designed to rest upon the foundation with a durable nonskid surface. Customers can rotate them periodically to improve their durability but do not flip the mattress.

Monarch Rest single-sided mattresses are built from the support core upward, adding comfort layers as we build upwards toward the topmost quilted cover. The innerspring core or super high-density polyurethane core and various combinations of foam layers above the core create a customized firm or plush feel. This customization accounts for the growing popularity of the single-sided mattress.

Mattress Specifications:

  • INNERSPRING: 13 gauge,
  • INSULATION: 3-Part Insulator
  • PADDING: Foam 1.8 wt., 3"
  • COVER: Quilted to 1" 1.5 wt. Foam & FR Rayon Fiber
  • HEIGHT: 10"
  • WARRANTY: 20-Year (10 years prorated)

Standard Quiet Night foundations use an 8-slat foundation. We order this unit with a 1x3 top slats spaced 2.5" apart. This gives a strong solid base for your mattress, with less motion transfer. These are available in a standard 7.5" height or low-profile 4.5" height.